This is Oyado Hayakawa in Kinosaki , Japan.
Tel 81-796-32-2221

frequently asked questions

770 Yushima Kinosaki-cho, Toyooka, Hyogo, , Japan 669-6101 
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Q What kind of hotel is OyoHAYAKAWA?

It is a retro Japanese-style inn that has continued more than 100 years.
Any tourists, couple, family and student, can enjoy staying in our hotel. Single tourist is also welcome.

Q What dose building look like?

 Our inn is the three-storied Japanese- style house that has a garden with stone gate.
The big 300 years old plum tree in front of the gate is a guide to our inn.

Q Where is Oyado Hayakawa?

 Near the public bath house “Jizouyu”.
Our inn doesn’t face the Otani River. It is quiet place, so you will be able to take time to relax. It takes about 5 min from Kinosaki Onsen Station by walking. Please walk straight at Eki-Douri-Street/Station-Street toward center of town from Station. You’ll see our inn’s signboard in Japanese, “はやかわ”.

Q  When are Check-in time and Check-out time?

heck- in time is 3:00 pm.
Check-out time is 10:00 am.

Q Can you keep our luggage?  Until check-in
Anytime we can keep your luggage.
Please leave your luggage in our inn and enjoy strolling the town of Kinosaki
Q How many rooms a there?
We have 13 Japanese-style rooms.
Q  Do you have a large room?
we have a suite roomon 3rd froor
Sleep 8 people in the room of 2 japnese-style room
Available in more than 4 people

suite room
Q Do you have an elevator?
We are sorry but we don’t have it. All of the rooms are on 2nd and 3rd floor
Q Do you a parking space?
Free parking is available. We provide one parking space per a room.
Part of the height restriction 1.8m
Q Do you have bathroom in hotel?
Currently not available
Q What is “ Soto-yu”?
There are 7 hot spring bath houses in Kinosaki Onsen. Those are called “Soto-yu”. After check-in, we will provide you free hot spring ticket “Yumepa” that is available until check-out.
*After check-out, “Yumepa” become discount ticket of hot spring. Please show it to staff at “Soto-yu”, public bath houses.
Q What is the hot spring tax 350 JPY?
All of tourists who stay at hot spring inn should pay the hot spring tax 350 JPY per night.
Hereby you can use hot springs “ Soto-yu” from check-in to check-out.
Q The term of validity of a sotoyu Ticket
The ticket valid from Check-in to Check-out
This ticket becomes invalid at 10:00 of the morning of checkout.
However, if there is "ゆめぱ" from checkout to 3:00 p.m. of the day, it will put in for 400 yen of discount.
Q Onsen and tattoo

Onsen Kinosaki is a tattoo okay The hotel has a private hot spring. rest assured

Q Can you meal at the inn?
Sorry, but can not be available in this project
I will introduce the place to eat nearby
Q Are there shops for food and drink nearby?
There is a convenience store nearby.
Q Can you take credit card?
We are sorry, but we cannot take it.
Q Do you provide hotel amenities?
We provide towel, bath towel, toothbrush, dryer and shampoo.
And we will lend Yukata/Japanese traditional clothing.
Q Can pet stay together?
We are sorry, but we cannot accept that.
Q Can I use the internet?
There is a PC in the lobby. You can use it for free (9:00 am ? 9:00 pm). And free Wi-Fi is available.